Melanie Groß


My research focuses on 1st millennium BCE Mesopotamia and is based on the cuneiform sources of this era. I am particularly interested in state structures and the institutional landscapes of Assyria and Babylonia. With an emphasis on the background and the role of royal officials and their staff, I study the composition and the internal administrative processes of bureaus as well as the administrative and economic connections among the different bureaus. This also entails the examination of how royal officials interacted with representatives of other institutions such as the city and the temple. Furthermore, I am interested in the topic of royal court ceremony and in the formation as well as conception of elites in general. As a member of the ERC project “Persia and Babylonia” I study these issues especially from a comparative historical perspective, primarily involving the Neo-Assyrian, Neo-Babylonian and Persian periods.

Curriculum vitae


2014: Dr.phil. in Assyriology, Vienna University
2009: Mag.phil. in Ancient Near Eastern Archaeology, Innsbruck University


since 07/2017: Post-doctoral researcher in the project “Persia and Babylonia: Creating a New Context for Understanding the Emergence of the First World Empire,” headed by C. Waerzeggers, Leiden University
2015-2017: Post-doctoral fellow, staff of the project “The Neo-Babylonian Cuneiform Corpus (NaBuCCo),” headed by K. Abraham, KU Leuven
2015: University assistant, Oriental Institute, Vienna University
2009-2015: Doctoral/Post-doctoral researcher in the project “Royal Institutional Households in First Millennium B.C. Mesopotamia,” headed by H.D. Baker, sub-project of the National Research Network (NFN) “Imperium and Officium,” headed by M. Jursa, Vienna University


2015: “Akkadische Lektüre I oder II: Altbabylonische Erzählungen (Gilgameš, Anzû, Etana),” Oriental Institute, Vienna University
2011-2014: “Einführung in das Akkadische,” Oriental Institute, Vienna University

Grants and awards

2016: Approved LMU Research Fellowship, Neo-Assyrian Legal and Administrative Documents. Typology, Contents and Archives, K. Radner, Historisches Seminar, LMU Munich

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