Archives in Context introduces the study of Babylonian private archives to anyone who is interested in ancient Babylonia and the documents left behind by its inhabitants. This includes students of Assyriology and scholars from other disciplines. On the Archives in Context website, advanced students and researchers of the ancient Near East unveil the secrets of the Neo- and Late Babylonian private archives (c. 620-330 BCE). Through a series of short articles, accompanied by images and visualizations, you will learn about these archives, from their production and use to their discovery and decipherment. We provide short explanations of specific terminology and we link to other websites where you can learn more about certain subjects. The study of these archives and their documents is still ongoing and of great importance for understanding the ancient Babylonian society. In Archives in Context we want to make you part of our research by exploring the Babylonian private archives in all its facets.

Archives in Context is an outreach initiative of the ERC Project Persia and Babylonia: Creating a New Context for Understanding the Emergence of the First World Empire led by Caroline Waerzeggers.

Archives in Context is created by:

Nicky van de Beek
Julia Giessler
Melanie Groß
Ivo Dos Santos Martins
Lidewij van de Peut
Maarja Seire
Evelien Vanderstraeten
Uzume Wijnsma

It contains contributions by:

Annelies Van de Ven