Persia and Babylonia Workshop

By Persia & Babylonia

Disambiguation of individuals in Late-Babylonian letters
Yuval Levavi (Bar-Ilan University)

5 July 2018, 12-13 hrs
Lipsius 204
Leiden University

Neo-Babylonian scribes were mostly satisfied with using first name base in their letters. That, in addition to the practice not to date proper letters, make the task of prosopography especially complicated. It is like joining late to an ongoing conversation, asking: whom, and what are we talking about? But unlike the polite answer of, say, legal text, letters simply mumble, “you just had to be there”. We will explore ways to overcome these obstacles and discuss the validity of first name based identifications.

Onomastics Training Week

By Persia & Babylonia

From 29 May to 1 June, the Persia & Babylonia project is organising an interactive Onomastics Training Week in Venice, Italy. During this week, participating graduate students (MA/PhD) will learn from experts about the many-faceted name material in Neo-Babylonian and Late Babylonian sources. This includes names in other languages such as Egyptian, Anatolian, Greek, Old Persian and Elamite. Each topic will be explored in a lecture, followed by a workshop allowing students to deal with concrete examples.

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As a graduate student (MA/PhD), you can register to join the training week free of charge! Please send an e-mail with your name and affiliation to

Please note that travel and accomodation is not provided.