30 May 2019 | Postgraduate Conference “Reframing Wisdom Literature
King’s College London 

Conference presentation by Ivo Martins:
Reframing wisdom through liminality in Akkadian literature



6 June 2019Representing Networks: Past and Present
University of Cologne

Workshop paper by Maarja Seire:
Casting a Wide Net: The Distant Reading of Archival Documents from Babylon



Conference paper by Melanie Groß:
”The Prosopography of Babylonia” open access database

11-14 August 2019 | Workshop ‘Empire and Historiography’, at EABS annual meeting in Warsaw

Organized by the Judaeans in the Persian Empire Research Unit (Caroline Waerzeggers, Jason Silverman, and Anne-Mareike Wetter) jointly with the Impact of Hellenistic Empires Research Unit (Benedikt Eckhardt and Sylvie Honigman)

For EABS 2019 Judaeans in the Persian Empire has a joint call for papers with the new Impact of Hellenistic Empires Research Unit on the theme of ‘Empire and Historiography’. We invite papers examining the ideology of and discourse on Empire in any form of historiography documented in Judaea and in neighbouring societies, in a broad range of periods (Persian, Hellenistic, and Early Roman Empire), and/or how the fact of empire impacts historiography. The relevant literature in Judaea includes biblical literature of Persian times (e.g., Deuteronomic history; Chronicles; Prophetic books); works from Hellenistic times (1 Macc; 2 Macc; Daniel); apocrypha; apocalyptic literature, Qumran; Flavius Josephus, and more. Literatures from neighbouring societies may include works composed in ancient Greek, Akkadian, and Demotic. All topics related to ‘Empire and Historiography’, such as the reflection of empire in a specific work, or how the fact of empire impacts this discourse, are welcome.