11–13 September 2018  | What follows la mort de l’auteur? Re-Evaluating the Concept of Authorship in Hebrew Bible Studies.
14.15 hrs
Castelen (Basel)

Lecture by Caroline Waerzeggers:
Authorial presence in late Babylonian historiography

18–19 September 2018 | Re-orienting Achaemenid Persia
Parliament Hall, University of St Andrews

Lecture by Caroline Waerzeggers:
Reconsidering, restating and reassessing … What’s at stake in the debate about Xerxes’ rule in Babylonia? 

Academic year 2018/2019, Semester 1 | Seminar at Leiden University

MA seminar by Melanie Groß
Royal inscriptions from the Assyrian to the Persian Empire

16 October 2018 | Ancient World Lunch Talks
13.00–14.00 hrs
Leiden University

Lecture by Lidewij van de Peut:
Written to be Read. Evidence for the use of clay tablets during the performance of rituals and prayers in the Middle Hittite period

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