Autumn lecture series 2019

By Persia & Babylonia
Coming fall, the Persia and Babylonia project will host a series of lectures at Leiden University. The series will consist of four lectures given by four international scholars on different aspects of the Achaemenid Empire. Anyone who’s interested in Achaemenid things is most welcome to attend! So mark your calendars for the following dates:
26 September – Thomas Harrison. Thomas Harrison is professor of Ancient History at St. Andrews University (Scotland). His interests include ancient imperialism and Greek historiography. One of his main areas of expertise is Herodotus and this historian’s take on the Achaemenid Empire.
11 October – Mark Garrison. Mark Garrison is professor of Art and Art History at Trinity University (USA). He is an expert on the glyptic arts of first millennium BC Iran and Iraq. His research is especially focused on the glyptic preserved in the Persepolis Fortification and Treasury tablets.  
31 October – Elspeth Dusinberre. Elspeth Dusinberre is professor of Classics at the University of Colorado Boulder (USA). She is mainly interested in the cultural interactions in Anatolia –  and particularly the way in which the Achaemenid Empire affected local social structures. Archaeology and material culture play a big role in her research. 
13 November – Wouter Henkelman. Wouter Henkelman is associate professor at the École Pratique des Hautes Études(France). His interests include Elam and the Elamite language, as well as the Achaemenid Empire in the widest sense. His main area of expertise is the large corpus of Elamite tablets from the Persepolis Fortification Archive.
More information on the lectures (e.g. exact time and location) will follow in the autumn. We’re looking forward to seeing you then!